The Better Show

100 episodes! Better Look Back

Episode Summary

We reflect on the most impactful tips we’ve applied in our own lives, the things that most surprised us, and what we’ve learned about podcasting over the past 2 years.

Episode Notes

To mark our 100th episode milestone in The Better Show journey, Ian, Darren, and March take a reflective look back on the first 100 episodes of the show. We discuss the insights and tips that have most influenced us, the things we learned that most surprised us, and the experience of building a podcast and an audience from scratch.

Show Notes
3:49 - We reflect on which of the tips from the show have been most influential on our lives.
7:05 -We discover that the tips related to improving sleep were the ones that were most impactful for us and we discuss the individual resonated most with each of us.
9:50 - How marriage has been a factor in helping Ian improve his sleep habits and his sleep routine.
11:35 - Darren reflects on episode 51 on how to have better conversations and how the need for improving the way we engage with people with whom we disagree is so important.
16:00 - March shares how the Oura ring (episode 57) has impacted his sleep quality and reflects on why it has been a wearable something that has stuck with him. 
17:45 - We record an impromptu episode on "better wedding rings" and learn that March has lost four wedding rings and learn about a time when Darren almost lost his in a blowhole in Hawaii.
22:33 - Ian shares a system for which aspects of life to focus on first and then which ones to attack next.
25:40 - We admire March's office and the assortment of plants he's assembled in his home office.
27:30 - Darren recommends the Ecosphere to March as the world's lowest maintenance pet and we record a mini episode on the Ecosphere.
32:04 - We discuss HIIT workouts from episodes 33 and 95. 
34:01 - The most surprising tips and facts that we learned from the past 99 shows including Darren's surprise at the impact of the human microbiome. 
35:50 - We reminisce on episode 70 on better bedding and our interest in eucalyptus sheets.
36:38 - March shares how he was amazed to learn about the negative impact of single-use plastics from episode 73. 
38:30 - March recalls the predictive power of the "Stand Up Challenge" from episode 33.
43:58 - Ian reflects on his experience with fasting using the Zero app, what he learned from episode 58, and how he and March cataloged their fasting experience on episode 66.
48:18 - We reflect together on the experience of creating a podcast from scratch, building an audience, and the effort that goes into creating a high-quality product.
53:59 - We share our favorite listener reviews from the previous two years.