The Better Show

Better Podcasts: Part 1

Episode Summary

We share an impromptu discussion about some of our favorite podcasts as well as some of the new shows we've discovered lately. 

Episode Notes

Ian, March, and I have a dedicated group chat channel called #podcasts_to_follow where we share interesting podcasts with one another. This week, we decided to share our favorite podcasts with you as well as some of the new shows we've discovered lately. 

As we sat down to record this week's episode, March ran into some last minute technical difficulties and wasn't able to join the recording session so it's just Ian and me this week. We had such a fun time talking about our new podcast discoveries that we plan to do another episode just like this in the future where March can chime in with his favorites and we feature recommendations from The Better Show community.

2:37 - Darren talks about Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast and a new collaboration between Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis.
5:25 - Ian shares the shows that he and Carine listened to on a recent road trip.
7:50 - Seth Godin's decision to move from focusing on books to podcasting.
15:01 - Darren updates his LinkedIn profile with a list of his favorite podcasts.
18:09 - Google's new feature featuring videos from celebrities commenting on the most common questions asked about them on
28:18 - Darren shares one of his favorite shows, Every Little Thing by Gimlet Media.
30:10 - We plug The Better Show number +1 971–333–8007 and invite the community to share their favorite podcast recommendations.
33:01 - Ian wonders, "how do new words start?"
38:01 - Ian and Carine listen to The Drive by Peter Attia on a road trip.
42:50 - EconTalk and an interesting episode on addressing the problem of homelessness.
46:44 - The Daily by The New York Times
48:10 - True crime podcasts and a few recommendations for interesting shows covering true crimes.
49:47 - S-town by the creators of Serial and This American Life.
52:28 - Reply All by Gimlet

Links to podcasts mentioned
🎙 Podcast: Reply All by Gimlet Media and episode #102 Long Distance and episode #103 Long Distance Part 2
🎙 Podcast: Planet Money and episode #416 Why the price of Coke didn't change for 70 years and episode #666 The Hoverboard Life
🎙 Podcast: Slow Radio episodes Forgotten Sounds and Dementia Voices
🎙 Podcast: Every Little Thing by Gimlet Media and the episodes titled Thrift Store Smell: What it it? and Auctioneers: Why do they talk like that? and Is Egg the Only Nog?
🎙 Podcast: Pivot with Kara Swisher & Scott Galloway
🎙 Podcast: 99% Invisible
🎙 Podcast: Against the Rules with Michael Lewis
🎙 Podcast: Numbers Geek  by Geekwire
🎙 Podcast: EconTalk and the episode with Erica Sandberg on Homelessness and Downtown Streets Team
🎙 Podcast:Atlanta Monster
🎙 Podcast: Serial
🎙 Podcast: S-Town
🎙 Podcast: Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell and the episode titled Food Fight
🎙 Podcast: Akimbo by Seth Godin
🎙 Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show and the episode with Seth Godin
🎙 Podcast: Broken Record
🎙 Podcast: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
🎙 Podcast: The Drive by Peter Attia and the episode 60 with Annie Duke on poker as a system for life.
🎙 Podcast: The Daily by The New York Times
🎞️ Documentary: The LIKE Movie