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Better Look Back Vol.8 - Microbiome and Single-use Plastics

Episode Summary

On this episode we share some of our recent experiences with two topics we explored on recent episodes: the human microbiome and single-use plastics.

Episode Notes

Show Notes

0:45 - Darren talks about his mom's experience with a C.Diff (Clostridium Difficile) infection, how our earlier research into the microbiome helped him better understand her condition, and what new things he learned from her experience.

5:22 - Feedback from Ian's friends about our single-use plastics episode.

6:15 - Darren shares an experience he had at The Masters golf tournament this year where single-use plastics continually came up as a topic of concern among attendees.

9:01 - A new development from researchers at the UC San Diego that are using discarded plastics in new road construction.

10:43 - March explains the concept of the "circular economy".

14:40 -Ian's idea for achieving environmental sustainability by developing products that get better with use. 

15:55 -We ask, "why do modern treadmills still require external power?"

20:18 -Ian shares a new hacks he learned from his mom on how to reduce his use of single-use plastics.

22:48 -March offers a killer pro-tip on managing different sizes and brands of Tupperware.

24:05 -Reusable bags for dry cleaning and a tip about requesting dress shirts in a box.

25:54 - The magic of the LaundryHeap service and its popularity as a gift to new parents.

30:22 -Remembering the Amazon Tote, other new initiatives from to reduce waste, and the field of study on packaging design.

35:50 - The environmental impact of reusable coffee mugs.

40:30 - In an awkward 30 seconds, the team struggles to remember The Better Show hotline and in the process invents a new hashtag #awkwardnessisauthenticity.

42:10 - Ian defends the honor of Millennials worldwide. 😂