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Better Career Planning: Part 2

Episode Summary

Part 2 on getting the most out of your career by exploring the Japanese concept of Ikigai, how to be the CEO of your career and the top 5 most transferable career skills you should learn.

Episode Notes

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Show Notes
3:53 - The Japanese concept of ikagai.
10:30 - Being the CEO of your own career and how to get started.
13:40 - Why it's helpful to have a healthy emotional distance from your job so you can analyze your career options objectively.
17:50 - Two things that a job can provide you that are not money.
23:22 - Five skills to learn in any job that are transferable to just about any other job.
27:39 - The value of learning the skill of problem solving and a 5-step process for solving problems.
29:48 - The evolution of formal education and "the 5 Cs" being taught in school today.
32:10 - March's #1 tip for evaluating any job.
34:05 - Scott Galloway's career advice
36:25 - The 3 questions should you ask yourself when deciding whether to go back to school to help advance your career.
40:49 - What to do if your goal is to not work at all.
45:40 - How to think about "unpaid work".

Video: Scott Galloway's career advice
Article: Problem Solving Techniques & Strategies for Project Managers
Book: The 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferris