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Better Fitness at Work

Episode Summary

We explore how to stay fit when your job doesn't help you be active. As well as the usual set of tips & experiments to try we have an interview with renowned fitness expert Brian Keane.

Episode Notes

Show Notes
1:58 - How labor-saving technology has changed the nature of work for most people and what effect that has had on our general fitness level.
5:08 -How to tell the difference between a low, moderate and highly intense workout. 
7:35 - What is a MET?
9:40 - March shares a shocking statistic about the number of US deaths attributable to physical inactivity.
11:30 - How some schools are experimenting with fitness trackers for kids to help track and increase exercise time during the school day.
14:50 - March, Darren, and Ian share tricks they use to increase their movement during the work day.
22:35 - March's interview w/ Brian Keene from
24:28 - Brian Keane talks about the mistake of trying to do to much to soon when it comes to starting an exercise routine.
26:16 - The 15 minute HIIT workout from Brian Keane and what exactly is a "mountain climber" exercise.
27:47 - Brian Keane talks about the importance of goals when sticking to an exercise routine.
30:38 -Brian Keane offers his tips and exercises for people with neck and back pain.
34:30 - Tips to help avoid putting on weight for people with a desk job.
38:50 -March's experience trying out Brian Keane's HIIT workout.
41:04 - Darren, Ian, and March share their key takeaways from the interview with Brian Keane. 
47:44 - How Darren uses the Daylio app to track his fitness goals.
51:17 - Tips for staying fit at work courtesy of the Runtastic blog.
57:14 - Ian institutes a new rule for impromptu posture checks during the show.
58:05 - March decides to incorporate virtual reality into fitness routine to keep things fun.

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