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Episode Summary

We explore how to make the most of LinkedIn to help find new opportunities, grow your network and keep on top of what’s happening in your industry and profession.

Episode Notes

On this episode we discuss a number of ways to use LinkedIn to advance your career and we explore the importance of your profile in making a first impression on others in your field (including prospective employers). We also share tips on how you can easily give your own LinkedIn profile a "tune-up" so that you present yourself in the best possible light to others in your professional network.

Show Notes
2:40 -LinkedIn by the numbers including how many people are on LinkedIn and how fast the professional social network is growing.
8:40 - Why you should always entertain a conversation from someone interested in speaking with you about a new job.
10:39 - Why it's important to have a strong professional profile on LinkedIn even if you aren't looking for a job right now.
12:10 - Darren and Ian try to guess what year LinkedIn was first launched.
13:15 -The different ways you can use LinkedIn other than looking for a job.
15:48 - Darren shares an experience he had early in his career that motivated him to invest in his professional profile on LinkedIn and elsewhere.
19:20 -What your LinkedIn profile (or lack thereof) says about you to others.
20:05 - Ian shares his first impression of Darren based on his LinkedIn profile (and it's not what you'd expect.) 😊
23:19 - How often you should update your LinkedIn profile and why.
25:40 - We run down the basics of a quality LinkedIn profile.
29:16 - Your LinkedIn vanity URL.
36:25 - How to search engine optimize your LinkedIn profile.
40:35 - What makes an effective LinkedIn profile headline.
50:51 - What makes a good LinkedIn profile picture, what to avoid, and what is the impact of having a really good profile picture.
54:40 - Different perspectives on what you should include in your LinkedIn summary.
59:15 - Who you should (and shouldn't) connect with on LinkedIn.
1:07:05 - We do a live review of Ian's LinkedIn profile.
1:20:35 - Our better next steps.

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