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Better Resumes & Covers Letters Pt.2

Episode Summary

This week we conclude our 2 part series on how to land your next big job. We discuss the art of the cover letter and the importance of creating a personal brand online.

Episode Notes

Show Notes

1:41 - is a cover letter required?
3:01 - how to think about what to put into a cover letter
4:10 - three things that if included in a cover letter, will INSTANTLY disqualify you from a job
9:20 - ideas for how to start a cover letter
12:15 - why including numbers in your cover letter can help grab the attention of the hiring manager
20:20 - how long should a cover letter be and how long is too long for a cover letter
24:22 - what is a personal brand strategy and why is it useful in the job search process
27:30 - what is the goal for your personal brand strategy
29:40 - the pros and cons of authenticity
32:50 - what kinds of things are appropriate to post in environments that blend personal and professional
37:50 - how to create your professional portfolio
39:49 - the pros and cons of using a website domain for your personal brand
44:55 - the benefits of blog posts
48:17 - why investing in your LinkedIn profile is important and using recommendations from others to enhance your personal brand
54:11 - our individual experiments on this topic