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Better Decisions

Episode Summary

We discuss various frameworks, tips and tricks for how you can make better decisions.

Episode Notes

We discuss various frameworks, tips and tricks for how you can make better decisions.

Show Notes

02:15 - How Pres. Obama prioritized his decision making

04:40 - How your mood and environment can affect your decisions

08:00 - Why we make bad decisions

11:00 - Darren cheating at the lottery & chimpanzees caring about fairness :)

16:00 - Darren, Ian & March share stories about big move decisions

23:00 - The power of asking "Is this decision reversable?"

26:00 - March talks about the limits of pros and cons lists and how to change the frame of how you make decisions

31:39 - Are there some decisions you can't optimize for? How do we deal with decisions with more than one right answer?

36:25 - Darren's shares what he learned from Ray Dalio's 'Principles' & Malcom Gladwell's 'Blink'

44:40 - Ian talks about how 'first principles thinking' has helped him make better decisions

52:00 - Why you should use a decision making framework that aligns with your values rather than the 'perfect' decision

54:00 - March explains the 3 possible outcomes framework and roleplays how to use it with Ian

59:35 - Ian explains the clarifying questions framework - such as 'What would it be like if it was easy?'

1:05:00 - March explains the rational decision making framework and what it is and isn't good for

1:11:00 - The power of asking other people about their experience - March teases a future episode on mentorship

1:13:00 - 'What would you say to a friend?' method of decision making

1:15:00 - Experiments the guys are going to try and report back on


📖 Book: Ray Dalio's 'Principles' 
📖 Book: Malcom Gladwell's 'Blink'
📃 Essay: Aristotle and the Importance of First Principles
📃 Essay: By Asking Himself This 9-Word Question, Tim Ferriss Changed His Life
📃 Essay: The Rational Decision Making Framework