The Better Show

The Great Hack & Better Social Media

Episode Summary

We discuss the Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, and what it means for how we consume and scrutinize information we see online.

Episode Notes

Show Notes
1:56 - The motivation for this episode
4:00 - Movie trailer for The Great Hack
6:19 - Darren and Ian shares their first impressions of the documentary trailer
11:05 - The power (and responsibility) of Netflix and other media companies
14:28 - The listener email sharing a friend's reflection on The Great Hack and her experience as someone whose personal data was released by Facebook to Cambridge Analytica and used to target her with political ads.
18:00 - Critics' coverage of The Great Hack
24:24 - Darren shares his experience with social media and the challenge of staying connected with friends while not being active on social media
27:49 - How Ian engages with social media in a constructive way.
30:44 - The evolution of social media and how its changed over the past ten years.
31:55 - Ian's rules for what to ignore and what to pay attention to on social media.
35:10 - Tips and tricks from our original episode on a Better Media Diet
35:42 - The visualization of media bias by Vanessa Otero and how to use it to understand bias in the media sources you encounter.
40:28 - Darren's rules for identifying and understanding bias in media sources.
42:40 - White papers and how to use them to dive deeper into a topic you care about.
44:02 - New features from Google and Bing to provide easier access to a variety of news sources and perspectives on individual topics.
46:57 - YouTube as a popular source for news.

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